Free Write: After Group Facilitation

What was most significant for you about today’s class facilitation as it applies to your understanding of Literacies, Discourses, and Contexts? Why was X significant and how can you use what you have learned to continue applying it to this class, your work in the university, and your life beyond the university?

I really enjoyed the activity when we compared the stereotypical labels we discussed as a class and put on the board, and watched the clip from the Breakfast Club. I think it was a good way for the class to interact with each other and it made me think about something that I’ve never really taken into consideration. As we talked more about labels and how we all have discourses that apply to our lives, typically more than one, it became more evident that we adapt to discourses all the time. This was significant to me because I began to analyze myself and consider all of the discourses I’ve accepted and conformed to throughout my life. As I am a college student, I am also an athlete, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a Believer. I have adapted to other discourses to fit in, feel accepted, to survive, etc. All of these things have shaped and defined the person I am today. This discussion helped me realize that things aren’t always as they seem, and people take on multiple roles and discourses in society.


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