Class Notes: 11/20

Class Notes: English 1103, 11/20

Responding–Really Responding–to Other Student’s Writing

Peer Review

  • Helping someone develop as a writer
  • Help them reach their goal through their writing
  • Look at it as an opportunity to help, don’t lead them to believe that their paper is perfect
  • Skim over first, determine the content and the writer’s purpose
  • Consider the writer’s interests, concerns, and aims
  • Write in your space, and let the writer keep their’s
  • Glance through the paper quickly first, then address issues that are most important in their paper, at this time.
  • Write comments in the side margins, then add an end note
  • Margins are in the moment, end notes summarize the things you touched on throughout the paper
  • Always be ready to praise, but always look to point to places that are not working well or that are not yet working as well as they might. Always be ready to expect more from the writer.
  • Tell the writer what you like and don’t like.
    • Play back your way of understanding the writing.
    • Temper your criticisms.
    • Offer Advice.
    • Ask questions, especially real questions.
    • Explain & follow up on your initial comments.
    • Offer some praise & then explain to the writer why the writing works.
  • Always be ready to look at the text in terms of the writer behind the text.