Free Write from my Group Facilitation

Today’s class facilitation has definitely expanded my knowledge in cultures and languages, literacies, and discourses. Since my group presented today, all of the knowledge I gained through research and teaching the class has definitely given me a better understanding of how culture and language is all interconnected and the effect it has on society. I didn’t realize how many different aspects make up our culture and the way we speak. One of the challenges my group faced was deciding on how to tie everything together since culture is such a broad topic. It covers a group of peoples language, beliefs, dress, attitude, values, norms, behaviors, and even material objects that are important enough to pass on to future generations of a society. However, I feel like this topic has benefited me in many way. For starters, I have a much better understanding of language and culture simply because I had to teach the class about what it is which has helped me retain the information much better. This topic is also related to what I am currently learning about in my Sociology class which makes it super interesting that I can connect it in two of my classes.