Free Write: 9/16/13

Free Write: In which contexts would you find groups of people with significantly different discourses and literacy than what you are used to? What are some examples of how the groups are different? The way they speak? The way they dress? etc.

“Stereotypical” groups are everywhere, but they seem to be extremely obvious in school, especially in middle school, high school, and college. It is interesting to see how these groups evolve and differ based on age, social status, and even location. Since I moved away from home to college, I have been exposed to groups of people with significantly different discourses and literacies than what I am used to. For instance, I am amazed at the language some people use. Of course curse words were common in high school, but I feel like it is ten times worse in college. I guess it’s so shocking because you typically think that maturity would eliminate vulgar language. I’ve noticed the rude and somewhat offensive language of guys, especially freshman, is definitely not what I’m used to. Their language is usually related to the way they dress and carry themselves as well.