Free Write 2: My Home Language

Free Write 2: My Home Language


As a child, the words that your parents use on a daily basis become part of your own language and tend to have a lasting impact. My mom is from Orange County, Virginia and the way she pronounces certain words are quite normal to me because I’ve grown up hearing them. However, when I have friends come over and my mom says, “Savannah, you need to warsh (wash) a load of clothes,” I usually get a funny look from them. I say warsh most of the time as well, just because I am used to hearing it. It never even fazed me that most people don’t say wash with an r in it, but it is a word that I have heard throughout my entire life. Another unique word we use around my house is “phaser.” When we refer to the “phaser,” we mean the TV remote. I don’t think I discovered that most people don’t call the remote control a “phaser” until I was about twelve years old. I was over at friend’s house and when I asked her if I could change the channel with the “phaser”, she looked at me like I was crazy and started laughing uncontrollably. As she told me that she has never heard of that word in her life, I realized that the word we used everyday around our house was completely bizarre to somebody else. I’m pretty sure the word “phaser” came from a Star Trek movie, so my parents thought it would be funny to call the remote that and it just stuck!