Class Notes: 11/11

Genre Theory:

  • The presented genre will affect the non-presented
  • Genre (v)=act
  • Characteristics:
    • Culture
    • Historical
    • Rhetorical
    • Ideological
    • Social-genre chain (one genre sets off a domino effect), (address books vs. contacts lists), etiquette (being considerate of others).
    • Dynamic
    • Situated


  • Culture affects genre and visa versa
  • Genre has many social implications depending on the situation
  • Situation affects genre
  • Using for purpose
  • Fixed and dynamic
    • The reason genres are fixed is because they are historical and ideological.
    • The reason genres are dynamic is because they are rhetorical, social, situated, and cultural.


  • Genre chain
  • Social relates to the word etiquette
  • Certain ways of acting according to genre in certain social situations


Genre cannot be categorized or defined; it can be characterized and described.


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