Group Facilitation Notes: Textual Media, Discourses, & Literacies

Textual Media, Discourses, and Literacies Notes


Technology in Education:

-We have access to an unlimited amount of resources

-In the classroom, computers, the Internet, and technology have expanded the knowledge of students and contributed to many new opportunities

-Less memorization (calculators, computers)

-Is technology hurting literacy?

-Is teaching the old fashioned way even useful anymore?

-Technology has it’s pro’s and con’s

-Socrates did not support writing, Pluto wrote his stories down and now they are able to be referenced, unlike many of Socrates philosophies

-Technology has definitely influenced communication-people can “hide” behind technology and say things over the computer or their phone that they may not say in person

-Electronic vs. Non-electronic

-Technology affects how one came become more literate in a certain subject

-Being technologically literate can be defined in many different ways


Technology By Age:

Primitive: (Cave Man)

  • Clubs/weapons
  • Fire
  • Cave art


1600’s: (Colonization)

  • First refracting telescope
  • Submarine
  • Method for blood transfusions


1700’s: (Revolution)

  • Cotton gin
  • Steam engine
  • Odometer


1800’s: (Civil War)

  • Transportation, covered wagons, horses, buggies, boat if near water, ride on train
  • Candles and oil lamps
  • Used an open fire to cook or an open fireplace, cooked food in a large cast iron pots
  • Industrial Revolution


1900’s: (Globalization)

  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Cell phones


2000’s: (Modern)

  • Social Media
  • Computer Technology
  • Renewable energy

Facilitation Reading


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