Class Notes: 10/21

How to Use: Technology

Able to understand

-how to use

-how it works

Basic Understanding


Store Information



Further Education

Develop newer forms of technology

Discourses & Literacies —-> Contextual (surrounding the text, the reason we are able to answer why things are the way they are.)

-Technology is contextual.

-Literacy is not stagnant.

What does it mean to be technologically literate?

Technological literacy is knowledge about what technology is, how it works, what purposes it can serve, and how it can be used efficiently and effectively to achieve specific goals.

Gee’s: Acquisition vs. Learning

-The person who had acquired something has to have both aspects in order to fully understand why we do what we do.

Software vs. Hardware

The relationship between reader and writer.

Learning how to learn?

According to Haliday, what does a blog mean?


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