What does it mean to be technologically literate?

I believe that a person who is technologically literate is knowledgeable and well-educated in the areas of computers, cell phones, TV’s, social media, and any other form of communication or electronics. However, after researching other websites about the meaning of what it is to be “technologically literate,” I realized that the term has actually evolved and is continuing to due to the advances that our world has made through technology. To be technologically literate today has definitely changed compared to what it meant even in the 1990’s. Most of this is due to the fact that as technology rapidly advances, it becomes more and more complex, causes some people to adapt to it and learn it, and others to struggle to keep up. Think about it, DVD’s weren’t even around until 1997 and our cell phones and computers have continued to grow smaller over time. Apple has managed to take a huge desktop computer and create a laptop that is less than inch thick and only weighs about two and a half pounds. It’s pretty amazing how advanced we are today and it will be interesting to watch technology continue to evolve over time. I believe that a person who knows how to use technology in the 21st century has the ability to obviously access information, understand it, communicate through/with it, evaluate and formulate it, and most importantly, create it. Technology allows a person to solve problems and has given us unlimited opportunities that we could never achieve on our own. I also learned through the readings that there isn’t one specific definition of technological literacy, similar to the term literacy by itself. Both of them take on many different meanings and it honestly depends on how we interpret it. A person who is technologically literate in one country can be twice as advanced compared to another person who lives somewhere else in the world. With all of the cultures, societies, and eras across the globe, how literate a person is varies, making it difficult to find an absolute definition for it. I would consider myself technologically literate, simply because my generation is highly influenced by technology and the media in our society. It’s not really something I had to put too much effort into learning either, I’ve just conformed to it because it’s always been there. It’s interesting to see my parents generation adapt to the new ways of our culture and try to learn how to use the technology around us.


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