Literacy Vignette 3: My Piano Recital

In my third Literacy Vignette, I feel like I really grasped the concept of describing literacy and a defining moment that impacted my perspective on language. As I wrote about my piano recital, I was able to talk about a language that most people aren’t familiar with. It’s a musical language that communicates through notes and measures. I think it is amazing because a person can express and say so much without having to speak any words. This is exactly how I feel when I play, and when I don’t have the right words to say, there is a lot of power in what I have to say through the music I play.

Literacy Vignette 3


4 thoughts on “Literacy Vignette 3: My Piano Recital

  1. I loved this. It also really shows that music is its own language. You used terms like “arpeggio,” “3/8” and various major and minor keys. Since these are terms that for the most part, only musicians understand, it really proved your point about music being a literacy. Do you know of any other things that consist of their own language, like music? Maybe technology or and certain profession?

  2. I always enjoy reading your work because I love the way that you write. You have this ability to make things flow together that I wish I had. I once tried learning how to play the piano and now I realize how hard it really it. When you say it’s a different language, you really aren’t kidding. It’s amazing how you can make an audience feel a certain way based on the music you’re playing. I love how you used vocabulary most people wouldn’t understand to show the different type of literacy involved in playing piano. I feel like almost all instruments have a distinct language associated with them that must be acquired over time.

    • This piece…. phenomenal. You write so well. I so enjoyed reading this. I can relate 100% with you, because I too played the piano for many years, and was forced to play in a slew of recitals. It’s so amazing how you can play a song 100 times, and then get up in front of so many people and just feel lost haha. But this piece definitely inspired me. I love your statement, “Not a language that necessarily has words to be heard or spoken, but language that brings a spirit and a reassurance that is absolutely breathtaking.” What a great way to describe the language and literacy of music. Brilliantly put.

  3. Your writing has really opened up my eyes to how intense and complex the music world is. I have never played any instruments before so to read about the different terminology that you use is super interesting to me. I really enjoyed reading this because I love how you realized that language does not have to involve spoken words because music can be more powerful than actually speaking at times. It inspires me how passionate you are about playing piano.

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