Class Notes 9/23

Class Notes: 9/23/13

  • Language is a way to identify yourself and other people
  • Why is it necessary to identify yourself in 10 different ways with many different languages in such a small region?
  • Our region ties our identity as well.
  • Being the right who, doing the right what.
    • Little d and Big D in discourse was relevant.
  • It was a little inconvenient to translate what she was saying during the reading, but it left an impact and forces the reader to understand what it is like to constantly translate what you are saying and writing in order to communicate with others.
  • Her language was very masculine and dominant so she would say Chicanas rather than Chicano because she was emphasizing that feminism is significant.
  • Gloria is literate because she knows when to switch her different discourses based on the situation she is in and who she is talking to.
  • How To Tame a Wild Tongue is referring to her home language as being a “negative thing,” so it’s interesting that the title of this describes her perspective of her language and how she feels there is a need to defend it.

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