Class Notes: George Carlin – 9/9

George Carlin’s, Last Words

  • Relationship with his parents
  • A lot of the reading focused on “Mother Mary’s” primary discourse
    • “My mother insisted and I resisted.”
    • Her love of literature and language sparks his attraction to it as well, even though he takes a totally different approach to it.
  • Her father was an ex-policeman, had many male roles throughout her life
  • Enjoyed the arts and went to the theater on a regular basis 
  • We also learn many things about his father’s primary discourse
  • George’s primary discourse is being a comedian
    • From the beginning, he adopts a comedic discourse and takes big, heavy, life events and makes light of them.
  • His dad was a father, an alcoholic, motivational speaker, husband, etc. and and his discourses are pretty complicated…we are not always predictable…our discourses conflict and take on many different roles. 
  • Nun’s (Seven Words) Why would a religious discourse approve of George’s language and comedy, but his own mother wouldn’t? 
    • His mom’s discourse values self-representation and how she looks, and then the discourse of religion…
      • Religious discourse: help/serve others, don’t judge, don’t use vulgar language. 

Refresher on Discourses:

-Being the right who, doing the right what

  • How you interact with people, tools, technology
  • Dress, speak, think, props, listening
  • Act/adapt
  • Values, beliefs

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