Class Notes on Discourses: 9/4

Class Notes: 9/4/13

Discourses, Gee:

  • Who we are and how we act
  • How we want to be seen
  • Grammar we use
  • Being the “right” who doing the “right” what

Little “d:”

-Language: writing, speaking, grammar

-Set of rules recognized by a set of people, within a discourse

Big “D:”

-Everything in little “d,” but influences identity as a person

-Acting, interacting, valuing, dressing, thinking, and believing with other people, objects, tools, technologies, and props

“Discourses describe what literacy is.”

Mrs. Cook: “Discourse = Language + other stuff”

He makes a big statement when we says we can separate ourselves from Discourses. We are all multiple types of who’s.

Primary Discourse: home, the discourse you are most comfortable with

Is your primary always the same?

-No but you always know what your primary is but what is most primitive and feels most comfortable.

Secondary Discourse: English 1103, college student, employee, daughters, sons, clubs and organizations, friends, etc.

Why aren’t we just the same person in every single context?


1. Acceptance

2. Fitting in

  1. To get things

Learning vs. Acquisition:

    1. Learning can’t continue without acquisition
    2. You are not aware that learning is taking place with acquisition
    3. With learning, you are very aware that you are learning
    4. We have acquired a lot, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we know

-Just because you know something, doesn’t mean that you are going to know how to do it/be natural.

-Gee says that it’s important to know both!

-How can we describe literacy outside of a discourse?

-Legally Blonde: First Day of Law School

  • The way she was dressed-blonde hair
  • Everyone else had a computer
  • Wasn’t prepared for the assignment

How do Discourses relate to writing?

-You have to write for a certain audience


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