Free Write 3: Good vs. Bad Writing

What is “good” writing? How do you know what it looks like when you see it? What is “bad” writing?

I believe that “good” writing is when a person can take a thought, idea, story, etc. and elaborate on it in an intellectual way and then have an insightful conclusion at the end. I love to read an article, story, or even a textbook that can communicate with me in a clear, concise way. I also think it is essential that the author concludes their writing so the reader can understand what they are trying to say in a quick summary. When I think of good writing, I think of a writer who can keep the reader actively engaged and manage to incorporate all of their thoughts and ideas in a way that is not extremely difficult to understand. I always get discouraged when I am trying to stay engaged with someone’s writing and I just can follow along with it. I would say that “bad” writing is when the writer has no organization in their work and their thoughts are scattered everywhere among the page. I know that there isn’t a distinct way to categorize “good” and “bad” writing, but when the writer is completely disorganized and cannot spell, their writing ability is often misleading.


One thought on “Free Write 3: Good vs. Bad Writing

  1. I definitely agree with your definition of “good” writing. I especially agree that writing must be simple and concise. There is nothing I hate more in reading than sentences that just go on and on. It makes reading so much more confusing.

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