Elements of Literacy-Class Notes 8/26/13

Elements of Literacy-Class Notes: 8/26/13


No Child Left Behind

1. Standardized Testing

2. School can only help so much…what happens at home is also essential to the child’s development and learning skills

3. Socioeconomics plays a huge role


Deborah Brandt

  1. Literacy depends on time periods
  2. Reference to WWII
  3. 3 metaphors: Literacy as: Adaptation, Power, and State of Grace
  1. Adaptation: changes over lifetime, societal requirement, survival, changes in communication [email-formal, Facebook-personal, Twitter-get to the point] —> memo, diary, & texting

*Get left behind or left out*


  1. Power: Social power, status: literate vs. illiterate, grammar is also socially situated


  • He went to the store.
  • He is always going to the store.
  • He be going to the store.


-saving face = damage control/you want to keep a certain image of yourself at certain times. We are always trying to construct how we want to be seen.


-All grammar is a set of rules, recognized by a certain group of people.


  1. State of Grace: Being literate makes you a more ethical person and more humane.

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