Class Notes: 8/28/13

Good vs. Bad Writing


  • Flow & connections, setting a framework (taking notes, poetry)
  • Wide range of vocabulary (can distract the reader)
  • Clear (understand, may have multiple meaning)
  • Meaningful (to author or reader)
  • Relatable
  • Grab’s the reader’s attention
  • Gets the reader’s attention, senses included
  • Helps the reader visualize what they are trying to say
  • Purpose
  • Has voice


  • Grammatical errors (culture, character development)
  • Repetition (poetry, emphasis)
  • Choppy
  • Dry and boring
  • Lack of purpose
  • Misuse of punctuation
  • Trying to make a point but no back up information
  • Inconsistency
  • Lack of support or claims, ideas (argument, persuasive papers)


Rhetoric: purposeful use of language


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