Free Write

One thing that drives me nuts when I am having a conversation with someone is when they use the words “like” or “um” repeatedly. I understand using it occasionally but if it is said over and over, I eventually lose focus of what the person is even saying. There have been instances where I began to count how many times they used the words in a sentence! Normally, a person will use these words to fill an empty gap in the conversation which generally occurs when they are gathering their thoughts. I admit that I do use “like” and “um” on occasion, however, to use them continuously in a conversation can cause a huge distraction.



2 thoughts on “Free Write

  1. I agree that it can be extremely annoying. When I was in elementary school and we started writing you saw the word “like” all over my papers. It wasn’t until my teacher approached me that I realized how often I used it. I think a good way to stop using “like” regularly in writing is to make a list of alternative words that you could use, or just cut the word out completely because I find that most of the time people use it when an extra word isn’t even needed.

  2. I agree that using “like” and “um” a lot can be really annoying. I once had a teacher who said “like” a lot and me and my friends would end up keeping a tally of how many times she said it instead of paying attention to what she was teaching. It became a distraction and an annoyance at the same time. I understand the occasional use of those words like you said, but all the time, I mean just say what you need to say all ready!

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